June 15 - Greenhouse heating

Bob Sharp from Solar Growing shows how to convert energy to heat northern greenhouses.

Fireweed Oudoor Market

June 8 - Seed-starting

Students from the Yukon Montessori School share their knowledge about growing seeds in the north.

Shipyards Park * 18 May - 14 Sept. 2017 * 3 - 8 pm

July 13 - Organic growing

Kate Mechan & Bart Bounds from Elemental Farms show us the benefits of growing food organically

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Free Events @ Fireweed Market

June 1 - Rhubarb wonders

Kat Davis from Whiskeyjack Gardening Co. demonstrates rhubarb's many uses, how to harvest it, how and when to split and plant, delicious recipes, and more.

Experience our Outdoor Fireweed Market, every Thursday throughout the summer! Bring your family or meet up with a friend and be carried away by the wonderful aromas, delicious foods and beautiful artisans - all locally produced. Roll up your sleeves and dive into our free workshops/demonstrations sponsored by Growing Forward II.

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June 29 - Brewing kombucha

Alison Reed shows the karafe she uses to brew kombucha teas & samples of different ages and flavours, & give away SCOBY cultures.

Clear Robertslaunches her new bookof poetry at the Jenni House by the river at 5:30 pm

July 6 - Fruit tree pruning

John Lenhart from Klondike Valley Nursery shows the tricks of pruning fruit trees

May 18 - Selective eaters: How to get your kids to eat their veggies

Jeszika Milton shares her recipes and demonstrates how to make:

  • Grilled cheese and tomatoes soup
  • Cauliflower mac and cheese
  • Smoothies with spinach, kale, basil, and beets
  • Hidden veggie chilli
  • 5 minute ice cream with high bush cranberries; and
  • Sweet squash and berry crumble.